Last screening: February 11th, 2017

    1st place with 178 points

    Webisode 4 -  “What's in your Cuff?”

    (previously "Welcome to") Keith Pumper is still missing but Gritzmore is still producing. Dev Gritz, the star of YTV's Gritzmore (Tuesdays at 11pm), hits Main Street to find out WHAT'S IN YOUR CUFF!?

    2nd place with 156 points


    Iconic 90s news anchor Daunch Newbeck takes his TV show on the road to interrupt a film shoot and shock the crew! Rumour has it that some of actual crew had to leave during filming

    3rd place with 142 points
    Webisode 4 -  “Bastard Face”
    It’s called medical “practice” for a reason, as the titular doctor explores new frontiers of patient diagnosis.

    4th place with 117 points

    Webisode 3

    The man-hunt continues for the Babysitter, who in turn is realizing life as a fugitive is harder than he imagined.


    5th place with 71 points


    In this 1st installation, ButterChicken Pictures dives deep into the world of the house cat. You'll discover the strengths and inadequacies of our feline friends.

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    '28 Geeks Later'

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    All My Pants

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    'Almost Actors'

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    Bottoms Up

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    'Beach Ball P.I.'

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    'Complacent Charlie'

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    Def Van

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    'Derrick & Sally:
    Bathtub Killers'

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    Dr. Sunshin'es Office

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    The Ex You Can't Escape

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    Fighting Over Stuff

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    Food Flix

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    Golden Futures

    -3 webisdoes -

    My Imaginary Ex-Girlfriend

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    The PC Police

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    Pitch Men

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    Welcome to

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    Current #4 Primetime show

    The Van Gogh Show

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    'The VanChan Web Series Society' aims to support, motivate and promote the identity & future of Vancouver Cinema.

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    Once a month, VanChan screen 10 short webisodes in front of a live audience, who vote on their favourite five webisode shows.

    The five shows with the most votes become the new VanChan primetime shows and are presented as such on the front page of the VanChan.ca website, and each primetime show is invited to make a follow-up episode for VanChan's next screening on the following months.

    BUT these five primetime shows must compete for audience votes against five brand new pilots.

    Ten webisodes enter. Only five may leave. Every month.

    An added benefit of having a primetime series is that primetime directors are invited to participate in the VanChan panel that decides which five new pilots will be shown alongside the five established shows from the previous screening.

    This process continues with new episodes for each primetime show being screened until one or more fail to make the top five in voting at which point the series is “cancelled”.

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